9 Essential Beauty Tips for Men To Look Effortlessly Gorgeous

It’s not just about skin care, it’s about head-to-toe self-care.

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I know that this blog is about beauty tips for busy women, but I just felt compelled to do a post on beauty tips for men.

This is mainly because I live with three men; my husband and two teenage sons. And I’ve helped all of them out with skin care problems over the last few years.

In respect to my two teenage sons, it was (and still is) hormone related spots and a few little cheeky blackheads appearing on their skin. Nothing anything major, but you can see that their hormones are working over-time and they both needed a bit of help and advice.

The three of them don’t do all of the nine points below, but all nine points have been carried out among the three of them interchangeably.

Did you follow that?

For example, my husband does point #8 (below), but my two sons are thankfully years away from this beauty chore for men 🙂

So here are my 9 essential beauty tips for men:

1.  Use a Gentle Face Wash

This is a must for all men, no matter how young or old you are.

The old type of starchy soap bars are just too harsh for any type of skin and should be avoided for the face and only use on your body in the shower.

I’m talking about gentle face washes that you lather up with water and maybe even contain a gentle scrub in there too.

A Facial Scrub

A facial scrub is normally a facial wash or a cream-based product which contains small particles / exfoliation pieces which slew off dead skin cells making way for new, healthy skin cells.

2. Cleanse

I don’t wash my face at all with water or any face wash, my skin is just too sensitive for the water out of the tap.  So I use a sensitive cleanser with cotton wool instead.

So if you have sensitive skin or you have a reddish complexion, try cutting out the water and soap method and use a gentle cleanser with cotton wool pad instead for a couple of weeks.

My youngest son is having problems with his skin in that his pores are blocking up with spots, blackheads and a bit of oil so I also bought him a bottle of the same sensitive skin cleanser as I use.

He washes his face in the morning with the face wash, but on a night he uses the cleanser and cotton wool to try and dig a bit deeper into those blocked up pores.

It’s helping a bit, so that’s good new.

So I would suggest the same thing to you. Use a cleanser once a day to get rid of the days’ daily grime at a deeper, pore level.

3.  Moisturize

This should definitely be another necessity when it comes to men’s skin care; you need to hydrate your skin and replenish it with good moisture levels.

Your skin dries out on a daily basis naturally anyway, plus with the addition of washing and cleansing it too, so you must put back moisture into your skin.

This goes for both your face and body, but definitely for your face on a daily basis.

Listen-up my male friend – the more your skin is hydrated; the less wrinkles you will have.

4. Protect & Shave

I think men are doing this anyway because there are so many good protective shaving products on the market today, but you must look after your skin before and after you shave.

You must look after your skin BEFORE and AFTER you shave.

This is easily accomplished by using a soothing shaving gel, cream or foam and then applying moisturizer onto your face after you have shaved.

5.  Shampoo & Condition

Beauty tips for men doesn’t just concern skin care, it’s the whole lovely appearance of yourself from head to toe.

If your hair is very short, then this might not concern you, but if your hair has any length to it then make sure you look after your hair too.

If your hair is very dry, wiry then you really should get a suitable shampoo and condition which suits your hair type.

So buy a separate shampoo and condition (not the all-in-one bottles) and buy ones which suit your hairs’ condition the most.

This could be:

  • Dry
  • Wiry
  • Fine and Fly-away
  • Oily/Greasy

6. Eat Those Skincare Vitamins

This is my favorite subject because natural beauty and a lovely skin complexion starts from the inside.

If you eat fairly healthy on a daily basis, then you will have healthy body and skin cells which will give you that healthy glow!

You don’t necessarily need to take vitamin supplements, you can just eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy fats (think fish).

Here’s two articles I’ve previously written on this subject to give you an idea of exactly what I’m talking about:

7. Tone & Exercise

Most men like to work out in some form or other whether that be taking part in a sport or going to the gym.  So if this is you, just keep doing what you’re doing.

If you don’t do any exercise, especially toning, seriously think about doing some form of exercise to shape and tone your body.

What Exercise Does For You:

Cardio: This keeps your heart healthy.  A healthy heart leads to a healthy respiratory system which leads to healthy cells.

Toning: Keeping your muscles toned keeps them healthy and your true body shape defined.

These two articles were written with my lady readers in mind, but you might be able to take-away an idea or two:

8. Prune & Trim

I’m talking about eyebrows, nose & ear stray hairs here.

I believe this normally applies to older gentleman with having the odd stray hair protruding from an eyebrow, the nose or ear.

There’s nothing much more to say about this really, just to keep those random stray hairs trimmed down and out of sight!

9. Show Me Your Smile!

And the last of my beauty tips for men is your teeth.

There’s nothing more appealing than a nice smile showing well-kept teeth.  I’m not saying that you have to have 100% brilliant white teeth because you don’t, just healthy teeth.

How do you accomplish this?

  • Make sure you go to the dentist regularly for your checkups (normally every six months).
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and again before you go to bed.
  • Use a good quality toothpaste.
  • Use an electric toothbrush as this has more robust clean on your teeth.


So there you have it.  Although this list is not definitive, it’s definitely a step in the right direction to putting together a beauty regimen for men.

It’s not actually that much different from a women’s beauty regimen, and why should it be really when you think about it.

Apart from #8, all these beauty tips for men apply to us females too.

Beauty Tips for Men

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