Couch to Fitness in 9 Weeks

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Today I want to tell you about a new fitness program I’m taking part of which I think you might be interested in if you’re totally unfit, and the best part is that its totally free.

I first came across this program via an advert online for the overweight and/or unfit, and when I clicked on the advert it took me to a page on the NHS (UK) website.

The program is called Couch to Fitness and is a free 9 week program to get anyone who it totally unfit to a much fitter level.

I’ll talk more about this in a minute.

Covid-19 And The Unfit/Overweight

But first I want to address how and why I came across this page on the NHS website.

The page is called Better Health and it came about after Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, was admitted into Hospital with Coronavirus.  By all accounts he was really poorly and spent a few days in Intensive Care.

Now, Boris is overweight and the health medics are starting to see a pattern that the overweight are more susceptible to being hospitalized with breathing problems if they contract coronavirus.

So when Boris got out of hospital, he was on a mission to lose some weight and get fit.  He also realized that a large proportion of our society are overweight and unfit to.

So along with their bicycle & walking initiative, the Government also got someone to produce this Better Health page on the NHS website and pay for advertisements all over the place to get the word out.

Enter me.

Better Health

The Better Heath page is categorized into two sections.

  • Ways to lose weight, and
  • Ways to get fit.

Because I’ve followed a gazillion diets and weight loss programs over the years, and I have a diploma in Anti Aging Therapy which had a whole module dedicated to healthy eating, I think I’m pretty clued up on how to lose weight naturally with healthy foods.

However, I still struggle in finding some sort of fitness regimen which I can do and that I also enjoy.

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So when I came across the Couch To Fitness, I took an interest.

As I said above, it’s a free 9 week program and is run by fitness trainers through the initiative.

From Couch to Fitness

It is a succession of free online videos and is specifically put together for people to get fit from their home in limited space.

The Couch To Fitness program consists of three 30 minute exercise routines per week.

Each fitness routine targets a different part of the body and is fronted by a different trainer.

So there are always only three trainers doing the 30 minute routine with you, all working at different energy levels so you can follow along with a trainer at your pace.

Also, each of these trainers takes turn to run one of the three sessions.

So this is the way I do it:

Monday ~ Video #1: This is the cardiovascular workout.

Wednesday ~ Video #2: This session focuses on the abs.

Friday ~ Video #3: This session get’s you to work your butt off (glutes).

So as you can see, you get a good overall workout throughout the week and the instructors also incorporate moving your arms quite a bit, so your arms will eventually get toned too.

I also try to go for a brisk walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays in between the videos sessions for added fitness.

I really like this program for various reasons:

  • It’s soo easy to start with; obviously from ‘couch’ fitness standards!
  • It’s not boring. Three different sessions per week, focusing on three different areas.
  • It’s taken by three different instructors, so there’s a variety in personalities.
  • Each week builds on from the previous week, so none of the sessions are the same.
  • Also because of this, you gradually go from unfit to a little bit fitter, to a little bit more fitter, and so on.

So it really is easy to stick to.

To reiterate, in a nutshell this is what the Couch To Fitness program consists of:

  • Free online videos to get fit from home in a limited space.
  • Three 30 minute videos each week, focusing on different body areas.
  • Each session is taken by a different instructor.
  • Each week builds up your fitness levels from the previous week.
  • It lasts for 9 weeks, totaling 27 fitness videos.

So if you’re overweight and/or really unfit then have a look at the Couch To Fitness program, I know I’m glad I did!



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