Face Exercising: A Face Lift Without Surgery

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How To Do Face Lift Exercises To Tighten
Your Skin & Look 10 Years Younger – Literally!

Do you know that by doing face exercising a few times a week you can significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles & sagging; and literally look ten years younger – all in the space of a few short months?

We all know that if we exercise our bodies start to tighten, pull-in and reshape to our natural body image.

This is mainly achieved when doing toning exercises i.e. strengthening the muscles as opposed to cardio workouts, however, all forms of exercise work the muscles to some degree or another.

By working the muscles in our body, we’re able to re-shape and even transform it by getting rid of our flabby thighs, tummy, bottom and ‘bingo wing’ arms.

So can the same principles be applied to our face?

Face Exercising | Face Lift Exercises

If we exercised the muscles in our face, then surely this would lift our sagging, droopy jowls, turkey neck, cheekbones and eye wrinkles – wouldn’t it?

Does Exercising Your Face Work?

Well, in answer to this, yes it does and it has been proven time and time again.

If you constantly exercise the muscles in your face and neck, then your muscles and connective tissues tone.

Consequently your facial skin tightens, becomes more resilient and the elasticity bounces back.

Why spend hundreds of pounds on botox or even thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery procedures when facial exercises can accomplish the same goals naturally?

With no cost involved at all, may I add.

Here’s Peta, the creator and trainer of Facerobics talking about how effective face exercising is – if you do it right that is:

There’s more about Peta and her free Facerobics exercise program later.

So exactly how do face tightening exercises work?

Understanding Your Facial Muscles

Every muscle of the face has a job to do.

While there is one muscle to open your eyelid, there will be another muscle to close it.

Facial Exercising - Face Muscles

The same goes for muscles raising your forehead, there will be muscles to then lower your forehead, and so on.

So for every muscle that does one job, there will be another muscle there to do the exact opposite – hence we have a ‘team’ of muscles working for us in unison.

So when we contract our face muscles we lift the skin with it because the muscles of the face are attached to the skin. This is how we show facial expression. i.e. when we smile the muscle contracts, when we frown; the muscle contracts and so on.

Makes sense so far right?

Understanding How We Get Lines & Wrinkles

However over time, as we age and have constant use of everyday facial expressions, this double-act causes the muscles to lose tone, and when facial muscles begin to lose tone (which starts around our mid twenties) you’ll begin to see expression lines.

You know what I mean; you can look at someone and they don’t have any visible lines at all, but as soon as they smile, laugh or frown, then you’ll see their ‘expression’ lines.

So after years of smiling and laughing, this will have an effect on:-

Laughter lines around…

  • Your eyes – crows feet
  • Your the mouth – nasolabial folds

And in addition to this, if you frown, squint (in the sunlight) or smoke, you will have:

  • Frown lines on your forehead
  • Additional lines around your eyes
  • Smoking lines above your top lip

So you can see how just normal, everyday living expressions have a big impact on us getting facial wrinkles.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

Oh no.

There are many other factors involved in creating lines such as:

  • Sun damage
  • Outside pollution
  • Free radical damage etc.

…which I won’t go over here as it’ll take us too much off topic since this post is about facial exercises. But if you want to learn more about how and why we age, then read this article…

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So where was I… ahh yes.

We now know what causes wrinkles on the surface, but how does this all affect our facial muscles?

Well, as we age, our muscles (both facial and body) start to lose their strength and tone.  In addition tho this, we also lose the underlying layer of fat, just beneath the skin.

Face Exercising - the human skin

The loss of this fat is one of the reasons we look older and tired as we age.

This is because the muscle and healthy fat layer that was used to pulling back your skin from a frown or smile for example, simply doesn’t ‘snap’ back the way it used to and you lose your skins’ elasticity.

The Benefits Of Facial Exercises

So in order to get the elasticity back into our skin, to make it ‘snap’ back into position, and to make the face look fuller and firmer, we need to exercise the muscles in our face.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising facial muscles:

  • Increases blood flow circulation to the face giving you that peachy-pink, radiant glow
  • Increase your skins ability to absorb moisture
  • Face exercises allow more oxygen and more nutrients to reach the cells of the skin and damaged cells are swept away
  •  Lift your eyebrows and lids so your eyes appear larger
  • Define and lift your cheekbones
  • Smooth out your neck and get rid of your double-chin
  • Smooth out and erase your nasolabial creases
  • Erase worry and frown lines on the forehead
  • Reduce lines around the mouth
  • Smooth out crows-feet and fine lines around the eyes

How To Strength Train Your Face

Can you remember that I mentioned resistance/strength training above in the exercise section?

Well, this is what you are going to do with your facial muscles.

It’s this technique that if done on a daily basis, you will significantly lift and improve the appearance of your face.

This is why strength training face exercising is dubbed, the face lift without surgery.

It works by increasing muscle fibres through muscle resistance training, the same principle behind all muscle-building exercises:

  • Your cheeks lift and fill out
  • Your face becomes firm and fit
  • Your double chin disappears
  • You jowls start to disappear

…even the neck exercises build your muscles so that you create lift and firmness around the entire jaw line,

This means that once you do facial exercises on a consistent basis, you can start to see obvious improvement in as little as two weeks.

And get this.

If you stick to exercising your face consistently over the long-haul, then within six to nine months you could be looking up to five to ten years younger than you were before starting to do face exercising!

Remember, as you exercise the face, you actually enlarge and strengthen the muscles, giving the appearance of a fuller more youthful look.

What I Do

When I first really started to look into doing face exercising, I went on YouTube and there’s a whole bunch of videos on facial exercises, or also sometimes known as face yoga.

However, you need to be very careful as to who you decide to follow lead from as if you do face exercises wrong, then it can have a negative impact and actually make you look older.

This is because you need to isolate areas of your face in order to carry out an exercise for a certain area on your face.

When we do this for our bodies, we call this ‘spot exercising’ i.e. you pick a spot on your body you want to tone and then perform that isolated exercise – for your outer thighs for example or your stomach.

Well, it’s the same with the face in that you do certain exercises one at a time for certain areas on your face; crows feet, cheeks or nasolabial folds for example.

I’m not an expert in face exercises so I don’t want to go too deep into this in case I give you the wrong information, therefore I’ll introduce you to a lovely lady who I follow who has a whole bunch of videos on face exercising.

Introducing You To Facerobics

Facerobics was founded by the lovely Peta, a face exercise expert and trainer from Australia.

Peta’s Facerobics is a free YouTube channel where she teaches facial exercising, which take years of your appearance!

What I personally like about Peta’s face exercise training is that she’s segmented it into three separate categories.

They are called the “Exercise Along With Me” series:

  • Level 1 – Easy
  • Level 2 – Moderate
  • Level 3 – Strong

Peta advises that you follow each level for about 6 months before moving onto the next.

The way she teaches you is that she goes through each exercise individually, with a separate video, and when you have learnt all the exercises you then follow along with her with the ten minute program.

Here’s one of her videos from Level 1
She talks a bit first but the actual exercise starts at 2:12 minutes if you want to skip forward…

So she goes through each exercise like above to ensure that you get the technique right.

Then when you’ve learnt all the exercises and mastered the techniques, you then follow along with this video:


Oh and yes, Peta advises that you do a full facial workout and not just doing spot exercises.

This is because all the face muscles work together and overlap in areas, so you may as well do a full ten minute workout and give yourself a full-face lift!

>> Here’s the link to Peta’s Facerobics channel<<

As you’ll see, there’s a whole lot of videos on her channel.

Have a bit of a peek around and find ones where she explains her programs, videos and facial exercising in general.

Get educated first before you rush in with your face exercise program.

I know that it looks like a lot of hard work, and it is at first in order to learn all the techniques correctly.  But once you do, then you can incorporate ten minutes of facial exercise into your daily routine.

Just think of it this way…

It’s free and it works.
It’s literally a face lift without surgery!

Here’s to you looking ten years younger in ten months time 🙂

Face Exercises

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