5 Healthy Ways Green Tea Can Rejuvenate Your Hair

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Did you know that you can use green tea for hair rejuvenation?  I certainly didn’t not until that long ago.

And when I say hair rejuvenation, I mean there are many ways in which green tea aids and helps build and repair hair.

This is what green tea can do for your hair:

  • Gives it a glorious shine
  • Stimulates growth
  • Reduces hair loss & improves thickness
  • Repairs & strengthens hair
  • Helps control dandruff

Who knew!

When I first started looking into the many benefits of green tea, I found that it was great for weight loss and skin care.  But I had no idea that it could help rejuvenate hair in so many different ways.

Does your hair need any help with any of the above areas?

If so, then this is what this blog post is about; green tea for hair rejuvenation.

So let’s look into each of these one-by-one…

How Is Green Tree Good For Hair?

Basically, green tea is chock-a-bloc full of active vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  Because of this, green tea can be used for a multitude of things for both health and beauty.

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But let’s dig a little bit deeper to see exactly how green tree is good for your hair…

1) Green Tea for Shiny, Glowing Hair

Because green tea has so many wonderful, active ingredients in it, they all work together to perform the perfect tonic with astringent qualities to hydrate your hair and seal in that lovely moisture.

Green tea ingredients that will make your hair shiny and glowing:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin Bs
  • Magnesium

2) Green Tea To Stimulate Hair Growth

Does your hair take ages to grow?

Of course, there could be a multitude of different reasons why this is (I’m not a doctor nor a hair specialist), but it can’t do any harm by gifting yourself with a good dose of live, active, plant ingredients which green tee offers.

For example, the EGCG polyphenol antioxidant found in green tea which has been found to help stimulate the growth of hair directly through the hair follicles [Source].

The Vitamin B complex group metabolize protein and fatty acids which helps promote the healthy maintenance of eyes, skin, hair and the liver [Source: my SAC Dip]

Green tea ingredients to stimulate hair growth:

  • EGCG polyphenol
  • Vitamin B complex group
  • General mixture of vitamins, minerals & amino acids

Green Tea for Hair - Hair Rejuvenation

Green Tea To Reduce Hair Loss & Improve Thickness

This is similar to hair growth above, in that you want to stimulate and get the hair follicles working again*.

The hormone which is the main cause of baldness is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and the caffeine present in green tea has been shown to prevent baldness by blocking the DHT hormone [Source].

In addition to caffeine, there are many vitamins and antioxidants in green teach which can help build up your immune system to help reduce hair loss, and even improve the thickness of your hair [Source].

So if you have thin hair, the same will apply to you too.

Green tea ingredients for hair loss & improving thickness:

  • Caffeine
  • Cetchacins
  • Carotenoids
  • Tacopherols
  • Zinc
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Selenium

*However, I would go to your doctor/physician to see about the cause of your hair loss.

Your hair loss could be down to many reasons of course, but your physician/doctor may:

  • Look into your daily diet
  • Take bloods to see if you’re deficient in any vitamins or minerals
  • Pinpoint if there are any depression/anxiety issues that may be causing your hair loss.

3) Green Tea To Repair & Strengthen Hair

If your hair is damaged and definitely not in it’s best condition, then it’s time to get it back into good shape.

Causes of Damaged Hair

Direct Heat:

Too much direct heat from your hairdryer and/or hair straighteners?

It’s time to severely reduce the use of the heat applied directly onto you hair.

I know you want it styled nicely, but all the styling in the world won’t look great if you hair is severely damaged with dryness and split-ends.

Every-time I go to the hairdresser, she is impressed by the nice quality of my hair because I hardly ever put direct heat on my hair now (I used to and had very dry hair with many split-ends).

Instead now, when I wash and condition my hair I just let it dry naturally – not blast it with the hairdryer. The next day I then give it a quick go over with the straighteners (I have wavy/frizzy hair).

So try and think of ways you can cut down on all the direct heat sources you put on your hair and see if you can come up with any styles that are ‘au-naturel’ 🙂

Chemical-Based Hair Products:

Most of the mainstream hair products on the market are unfortunately laced with chemicals.  There are obviously some healthy and natural ingredients in them too, but these good ingredients will be diluted with not-so-good ingredients.

These ingredients will have an effect on the health of your hair as they will disrupt the natural pH balance and eventually take it’s toll on the condition of your scalp!

Green tree to repair dry hair & split-ends

Green tree includes the Vitamin B (panthenol) and this is good for your hair health as it softens and hydrates the hair as well as helping to control split-ends.

Vitamin B also helps strengthen the hair at the root follicle.

Green tea to strengthen your hair

Green tea also has theanine in it, which is a unique amino acid which works alongside panthenol to strengthen the hair.

Green tea ingredients to repair & strengthen hair:

  • Theanine
  • Vitamin B (Panthenol)

4) Green Tea for Dandruff (Scalp)

When we’re talking about green tea for dandruff, what we’re actually talking about is using green tea to help repair your scalp problems.

Your scalp is just skin (epidermis) and it scales under your hair when your immune system is overreacting.  It then becomes what we know as dandruff, as it’s the epidermis which is flaking off onto your shoulders.

There are of course various medicated shampoos which help to control dandruff, but they can be pretty pricey and therefore it can become expensive if you need to wash your hair often.

And apart from the price, these medicated shampoos are full of chemicals which your delicate scalp could be allergic to or make it worse.

An alternative, natural & cheaper way to help control dandruff is with green tea.

Green tea helps dandruff in two ways:

  • Internally: By drinking green tea you are building up your immune system
  • Topically: Applying green tea directly on your scalp helps boost the skin cells

Dr. Stephen Hsu, a cell biologist in the Medical College of Georgia carried out some detailed research which showed that the EGCG (polyphenol) ingredient in green tea reactivates dying skin cells and encourages them to multiply [Source].

He stated that the EGCG antioxidant (which is one of the most powerful and active ingredients in green tea) actually travels to seek-out dying and dead skin cells with the intention to rejuvenate them!

Applying Green Tea on Hair

As stated above, green tea helps your scalp and hair in two ways:

  • Internally: By drinking green tea you are building up your immune system
  • Topically: Applying green tea directly on your scalp helps boost the skin cells

How to Apply Green Tea Topically:

You would make your green tea as normal, as if you were going to drink it, and then let it cool to luke warm.  Then you simply apply it directly onto your scalp (you can use a squeeze applicator if need be) and massage it in gently.

Don’t use anything else with the green tea (a shampoo for instance), just use the green tea purely by itself so you don’t dilute the EGCG polyphenol ingredient – or any of the other amazing green tea ingredients.

Once the green tea has covered your scalp and hair, leave it on for a 3-5 minuets to let the magic ingredients do the work.  Then rinse off.

Alternatively you could try a green tea shampoo.  However, as stated above, the green tea shampoo will likely be diluted down with other chemical ingredients so they probably won’t be as effective as the natural, active-ingredient direct route of just pouring a cup of green tea over your head 🙂

You do of course have to actually wash your hair, so you could apply and massage your scalp with green tea first to treat your hair and scalp, then wash you hair by using a green tree shampoo.


Healthy, strong hair always starts with your root follicles/scalp. So make sure you look after that.

The abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are what gives the various benefits of green tea for hair.

Use green tea both internally by drinking it daily and topically by applying it to your hair and scalp once in a while.

Also, make sure you eat a sensible, well balance diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Even if you swap two of your daily latte’s, smoothies (normally full of sugar) or soda (fizzy) drinks for two cups of green tea instead, you’ll be making a massive change in the live vitamins and minerals which you absorb.

If you follow a vitamin-rich diet along with drinking green tea daily, you’ll not only have healthy, strong shiny hair, but you’ also benefit from healthy glowing skin and strong nails too!

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