9 Easy House Cleaning Habits You Need To Adopt To Make Your Life Simpler

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Some people actually love to do house cleaning as they find it therapeutic, but for some, house cleaning is a major chore.

If you’re one of those who don’t like to do housework, then your best bet is to start building new house cleaning habits into your daily life.

House Cleaning Habits

House Cleaning Habits

The best way to build new habits into your life is to categorize them into ones you like, don’t mind, don’t like.

So for example, you might:

  • Love vacuuming.
  • Don’t mind doing a bit of dusting.
  • Hate cleaning windows.

So obviously the ones you love or don’t mind are not the problem.

The ones you don’t like doing make house cleaning into a chore.

Play Music

If you’re going to do a round of house cleaning, then put on some of your favorite music and dance around and sing along as you do the chore(s) in hand.

Get It Out Of The Way First

If you hate cleaning windows, then make that your first chore.

For example; you hate cleaning windows but get a kick out of vacuuming, then you’ll think to yourself, “I can do my pleasure chore once I’ve got the one I hate out of the way first.”

It’s a psychological thing and imagine how good you’ll feel about yourself having cleaned the windows because it’s already done and out of the way.


The reward is that you reward yourself only after you have done the chore which you don’t like first (cleaning windows).

The reward could be:

  • Playing your favorite music and doing the vacuuming.
  • Stop and have a cup of tea with your favorite chocolate bar or biscuit.
  • Watch an episode of your favorite TV program.

9 House Cleaning Habits

So the above are a few little tips and tricks to help you form a habit, and below are different ways to getting a clean and tidy home before it turns into one nasty mess.

If you make all, or some, of these as a habit and build them into your daily regimen, then having mass cleaning days could be a thing of the past!

1) Make Your Bed

Although this literally takes only two minutes, it’s so easy to get out of bed and head straight into the bathroom and then get on with your day.

So if you make your bed straight away, you’ve already accomplished one task for the day. How good will that make you feel?

2) Breakfast Dishes

Do you leave your breakfast dishes in the sink before you go to work?

Don’t.  Quickly wash your dishes and leave them on the drainer to dry naturally, or if you use a dishwasher, rinse and put the dishes straight into the dishwasher.

You can turn the dishwasher on after dinner to get all the daily dishes cleaned together.

3) Washing Machine & Reduce Ironing

Don’t let your dirty washing basket pile up.

Put on your washing machine regularly to keep on top of your washing, even if that means every day.

Try and hang your washing out (or hang up to dry indoors) as soon as the cycle has finished. Lots of clothes won’t need ironed if you do this.

4) Use Cupboards

They’re there for a reason so always put away things back in the cupboard as soon has you’ve finished using the item.

5) Shoes, Coat & Keys

It’s easy to sling your coat and shoes off once you get in, but make this a habit to put them into the closet, coat cupboard or hang them up in the hallway as soon as you walk through the front door.

6) Have a Dusting and Vacuuming Day

This is what I talked about at the beginning above.  So to expand on this, why not set a specific day aside to do these two chores.

It could be every Tuesday for upstairs and Friday for downstairs, or certain days for certain rooms.

7) Clean As You Go

An amalgamation of the above and just being mindful when you use items in your home or spill milk on the kitchen bench.  Put items away straight away and wipe up any mess immediately too.

8) Put The Kettle On

While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, make use of that time by cleaning the bench tops, wiping down the oven top or cleaning the coffee & tea storage jars.

9) Run The Bath

While you’re waiting for the bath to run give the bathroom a quick clean, or at least some parts of it – the sink or toilet for example.


I hope you found these tips useful as it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with house cleaning and keeping the place tidy.

Try and build one or two of these has habits into your daily or weekly regimen in a bid to try and keep your home clean for longer.


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